ECA Boxes of Provocations

Box of Provocations for Early Childhood Educators

The cards in this collection are intended to support critical reflection, discussion, debate and deeper thinking about teaching, learning and what it means to be a professional educator. Their use will result in a better learning experience for children, families and educators.

The provocations can be used with educators with all levels of formal qualifications and experience. There are many ways to use the provocations in a variety of settings.

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Box of Leadership Provocations

Presenting the new ECA Box of Leadership Provocations, for leaders at all levels of early childhood education and care.  Each of the 48 provocation cards, which are organised under the six capabilities outlined in the ECA Leadership Capability Framework, includes questions to provoke discussion and debate. Using these cards does not rely on familiarity with ECA’s Leadership Capability Framework; however, the cards and the framework complement each other, and leaders will benefit if they use the two together.

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Box of Provocations For Our Earth

ECA’s Box of Provocations for Our Earth will help educators carefully embed sustainable practice into their early learning setting, teaching children to restore, preserve and nurture the natural world.

Early learning settings are well placed to set the foundations for this. As an educator, you might embrace contemporary concerns about the environment and have a strong desire to teach children to not only enjoy and value the natural world but also restore, preserve and nurture it. But how do you make this part of your practice?

The provocations in this box will help you do exactly that. They have been written by experts in the fields of sustainability and nature pedagogy, sharing multiple perspectives and multiple voices to provide rich perspectives. Some provocations are an explicit invitation to question and debate—they will prompt you to define and describe what you think—while others represent the writers’ strongly held beliefs. They will help you invite alternative perspectives or reservations about the views expressed in these cards.

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