Every Child—Vol. 24 No. 2 2018: Reflecting on Pedagogy


This latest edition of Every Child reflects on pedagogy, and includes a range of insightful articles that explore this broad, but important topic: Pedagogy—‘the art or science of teaching’; Unpacking writing—a kindergarten class’s journey; STEM in early childhood—why does it matter?; Working in meaningful ways with families towards reconciliation through the co-construction of artwork; Our trauma odyssey and much more.

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Pedagogy is about children and their rights as capable, competent, learning members of our communities. This latest edition of Every Child reflects on pedagogy, starting with a Guest Statement from Rhonda Livingstone, National Education Leader and General Manager at the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). Rhonda talks about pedagogy as being a reflection on practice and professional decision making on ways to support children’s learning, development and wellbeing.

Bernadette Hayes shares an example of pedagogy in action as she talks about her school’s responsive approach to supporting children who have experienced trauma; Coral Campbell and Chris Speldewinde give examples of educators who followed children’s interest in science, learning with and alongside them; and Julie-Anne Oke unpacks writing as she discusses her kindergarten class’s journey through a ‘Writer’s Workshop’ to allow them to see themselves as beginning authors.

In other articles, ECA National President, Ros Cornish, reflects on years of advocacy work as ECA celebrates its 80th birthday; and Melissa Griffiths and Sandie Wong write about how a parent collaborated with educators and children to develop an artwork recreating The Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime story.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • Quality outcomes for children—taking steps backwards to move forwards
  • How does ECA work—how can you support your local branch?
  • Unleashing leadership at every level
  • The homework debate for young learners
  • Ethical encounters with cultural competence
  • Embed, Enable and Strive: ECA’s Reconciliation Action Plan 2017–2020
  • Shifting the car park conversations: Creating outdoor spaces for and with families
  • STEM practice in early childhood settings
  • Healthy breathing habits can help calm and focus children.

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