Every Child—Vol. 25 No. 1 2019


This edition of Every Child magazine highlights the power of children in an article about Canada’s First Nations children fighting for their human rights. A new section titled Perspectives On looks at two opposing views on group times for children; and educator wellness is discussed in an article about finding time for rest and relaxation among a busy work week.

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In this edition of Every Child magazine, Dr Cindy Blackstock details how Canada’s First Nations children fought the Canadian government for social justice and won; Rose Young deconstructs the planning cycle and discusses how to truly put it into everyday practice; Rachel Ho asks how much adult intervention do children really need? And Rowena Muir discusses how children’s fascination with the trees at Manuka Childcare Centre has grown into the curriculum.

A new section in the magazine titled Perspectives On gives two opposing opinions from childcare professionals about group times in childcare settings; and a new pace is created in Virginia Artinian’s article about the importance of rest and relaxation for educators, where she encourages educators to think about creating space for their own wellness in their daily and weekly routines.

Also in this edition, you can read:

  • Aligning Bronfenbrenner’s model with UNESCO’s dimensions of sustainability;
  • Rachael Phillips, an early childhood service director and Aboriginal woman, reflects on how reconciliation can be achieved;
  • a profile on ECA Publications Advisory Committee member Julie Rutups; and
  • book reviews of publications suitable for early childhood educators.

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