Every Child—Vol. 25 No. 2 2019


This edition of Every Child opens with a powerful message from our guest, 2019 Senior Australian of the Year, Dr Suzanne Packer. It then delves into informative and practical articles that offer new insights, such as: how to turn negative feedback into a positive experience; how a centre in Melbourne won the Little Scientist STEM Award; and how to bring the big ideas of STEM into early learning.

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This edition of Every Child is packed with informative articles that will open the mind to new ideas and perspectives in the early childhood sector. It also encourages readers to stop and think about the value of children, with a powerful guest statement from renowned paediatrician and Australia’s 2019 Senior of the Year, Dr Suzanne Packer. The features section opens with Melissa Johnston’s article about negative feedback, which details how educators can turn complaints into a positive experience; and then leads into an insightful article from Anne Stonehouse about the curious world of two-year-olds; and ends with the tools and ideas Monash Vale Early Learning Centre used to win the Little Scientist STEM Award in 2018.

An opinion piece from Dr Red Ruby Scarlet delves into the subject of gender identity and emphasizes that children should have the freedom to name their own gender identity; and our new section Perspectives On, which was first featured in the previous edition of Every Child, is displayed again; this time discussing two viewpoints about graduation ceremonies in early learning centres.

We go on a reconciliation journey with the children from Milton Ulladulla Preschool in Anna Carriage’s article; and then discover an Aboriginal perspective in the re-theorising of Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems model with an in-depth article from Angie Zerella and Lisa Thorpe of Bubup Wilam for Early Learning Child and Family Centre.

There are also practical tips in this edition that explore: keeping children safe from abuse; children’s sleep in day care; and STEM activities in family day care.

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