Every Child—Vol. 25 No. 3 2019


This edition of Every Child will set leaders and potential leaders on a path to effective leadership, and it will provoke much discussion about cultural competence.
A variety of articles will encourage readers to think and reflect about trauma and disadvantage in the early years, reasons behind children’s behaviour, the orientation process, and multicultural practices in early learning settings.
A new gardening tips page will inspire new kitchen gardens, and the Good mornings in the garden article shows how a Canberra family day care playgroup is getting hands-on in encouraging toddlers to eat vegetables.

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There are leaders, and then there are effective leaders. In this edition of Every Child, early childhood education consultant Catharine Hydon explains what effective leadership is and why it is so important in the sector. We delve into Early Childhood Australia’s (ECA) Leadership Capabilities Framework and how it can be enacted to raise the quality of early childhood education and care practices.

Dr Wendy Roberts shares findings from her research that saw her interview families who have experienced trauma. She explains what early childhood professionals can do in their services to assist children and families who are recovering from trauma.

Pam Linke provides an insightful article into children’s behaviour and how professionals can respond or guide challenging behaviour; and an article from Dr Karen Sinclair about critical reflection will inspire readers to think about their own cultural bias.

This edition offers many more thought-provoking articles, including rethinking the ways of orientation, whether homework has a place in Outside School Hours Care (OSHC), and how a traditional way of celebrating multiculturalism could be creating a divide in the classroom.

We introduce a new feature in this edition titled In the garden with tips from a kitchen garden playgroup coordinator on how to get a kitchen garden started in your centre.

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