Everyday Learning about being adventurous


By Neville Dwyer

Adventurers and enquiring minds are nurtured from the early years, they are encouraged to keep trying, never rescued but expected to go further, to seek new ways of thinking and doing.



Adventurers are encouraged to be dreamers, to think of what is possible, to challenge what is known and unknown. Being adventurous provides advice, tips and ideas to help your children feel comfortable and confident in adventurous play. Chapters cover such topics as:

  • Risk vs hazard
  • Safety first
  • Motivating dreamers and adventurers
  • Giving children freedom
  • How to create opportunities for children
  • Supporting adventurous play.

Author Neville Dwyer brings years of experience as an early childhood teacher, working in the service since 1986, he is passionate about providing natural environments for children and developing opportunities for children to engage in ‘adventurous play’, children and technology and providing families with the best support as they raise their children.

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