Children’s rights: Every day and everywhere – Book 2


By Dr Anne Kennedy

Protecting and promoting children’s rights requires commitment, understanding and skills. Early childhood professionals, families and communities are well placed to start conversations about children’s rights, and to identify how, as individuals, communities and a society, we can collaborate and advocate. Children’s rights: Every day and everywhere—Book 2 aims to deepen understanding about the nature of children’s rights, and our responsibilities in promoting and enacting them every day and in every setting including homes, communities, and education and care programs.

It is hoped that reading and reflecting on the ideas in this book will promote new and deeper conversations about children’s rights and how to advocate and take action for them.

Children’s rights: Every day and everywhere—Book 1 available here.

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Topics highlighted in Book 2 of Children’s rights: Every day and everywhere include:

  • children’s rights—inspirations, challenges and misunderstandings
  • interpreting and enacting rights for children every day, everywhere
  • children’s right to play
  • teaching children about rights.

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