Facilitating and extending play-based learning


By Leonie Arthur

Play is the birthright of all children. It is a vital part of their lives and one of the key ways in which they learn about the world around them. This Everyday Learning Series title will help educators gain an in-depth understanding of play and their role in play-based learning.

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In this Everyday Learning Series title you will find information on:

  • different perspectives on play
  • the importance of play
  • types of play
  • planning for play
  • scaffolding learning in play-based experiences
  • documenting and analysing children’s play-based learning
  • sharing information with families about children’s learning through play
  • advocating for play.

There are examples throughout the book that illustrate links between play and learning, and the role of the educator in resourcing play and scaffolding learning in play-based experiences. The book also includes links to the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standard, as well as reflective questions that will encourage educators to consolidate their understanding of play and their capacity to explain play-based learning to families. By using this book, educators will be able to strengthen their repertoire of strategies to guide play-based learning.

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