Being and becoming safe on our roads


By Catharine Hydon and Zora Marko

Each year hundreds of Australian children are killed or seriously injured as a result of road trauma. These incidents are mostly preventable through collaborative efforts. In this Everyday Learning Series book, educators will learn about the importance of road-safety education for young children and how acting early to strengthen children’s attitudes, skills and behaviours about safety on the road can create safer communities—now and in the future.

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It’s never too early to start road-safety education. When parents, carers and early childhood educators work together to support children’s road-safety knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes, children are safer and learn how to become capable and responsible citizens.

This Everyday Learning Series title highlights the importance of road-safety education for young children. The ideas presented in the book are based on research evidence and practical experience and can be implemented with children, families and the community in early childhood settings.

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