Making infant and toddler learning visible: Stories of change


By Belinda Davis and Sheila Degotardi

This Everyday Learning Series title highlights stories of change from three early childhood education and care services that have approached infant and toddler learning differently, with each service drawing on research and collaboration to promote infants’ and toddlers’ learning and make it visible to others in the setting.

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This book outlines how educators can:

  • support infants and toddlers in ‘venturing beyond the known’
  • share thinking and ideas collaboratively as a team
  • highlight infants’ and toddlers’ learning through documentation
  • create an environment that supports and develops learning dispositions
  • become curious and open-minded about infants’ and toddlers’ learning
  • provide experiences that help infants and toddlers make connections with others.

The book showcases the quality of pedagogy in infant–toddler education and care through the commitment of dedicated educators who embraced challenges and enabled changes to make their work visible. It also provides relevant links to the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework.

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