Young children: Thinking about the scientific world (e-version)


The enthusiasm of the authors is infectious, and will inspire you to use this book as a springboard to extend your science teaching to capture the rich imagination of young children.

I was really impressed by the approach developed in Young children: Thinking about the scientific world. I agree that the idea that a fascination with science is best nurtured from real-life experiences and practical examples. Once the interest is there, an understanding of the underlying concepts can follow.

Being able to relate the learned science to something familiar makes it much easier for children to hang onto and further each nugget of science gold they encounter.

–  Dr Robert Bell, CSIRO Science Education Officer and presenter of SCOPE TV science program

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This book shows how an understanding of cultural context, and using the knowledge children already have as a starting point, can lead to rich science outcomes in many different settings.

Explores the importance of play-based learning using practical activities, incorporating children’s questions into planning and understanding a range of different approaches to teaching and learning.