Induction essentials: A beginners guide to education and care


Early Childhood Australia has curated a collection of fundamental resources for educators who are new to the sector and are undertaking or yet to commence a formalised education and care qualification. This collection is intended as a starting point for induction for the core fundamentals before an educator starts in an education and care service.

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In this course, you will:

  • be introduced to the governance structure and associated documents for education and care professional under the National Quality Framework work within
  • develop knowledge of what it means to be an early childhood professional in an Australian context
  • explore concepts such as children’s rights and play-based learning and consider how these relate to your practice in an early childhood setting
  • recognise the importance of health and safety, and relationships and interactions within the context of your work with children.

As explained in the Guide to the National Quality Framework professionalism is demonstrated when management, educators and other staff develop equitable and respectful relationships with one another, and when teams act cohesively and collaboratively. These elements are foundational to ensuring harmonious and productive work environments, and the induction process is an integral part of this. It is also explained in the Guide that educators need a clear understanding of their roles and responsibility, which begins with having foundational knowledge of the key aspects of early childhood education and care in an Australian context.

Additional information

Australian Qualifications Framework

Links to the National Quality Standard


Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

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Course Duration

40 minutes

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