Take me outside: An introduction to outdoor learning

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This introductory course is about the importance of outdoor learning in young children’s lives. It will inspire you to create an outdoor learning environment full of wonder, curiosity and active play that will stimulate healthy risk-taking and support the development of skills such as agency, self- resilience and confidence. The course will also explain the role of active play in the outdoors and help you facilitate experiences based on children’s interests and needs. You will discover theories and approaches to planning in outdoor learning environments and find out how to overcome challenges in different service settings and locations. You will also be introduced to the concept of ‘going beyond the gate’ and how to embed this into your early learning curriculum.

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Victoria McDowell has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) degree from Macquarie University, specialising in early education for children from birth to eight years. She has more than 16 years of experience working in a range of different roles in a variety of services across the sector—including, but not limited to, early childhood teacher and group leader, centre manager and educational leader.

Victoria’s interests span children’s literature, storytelling, oral and felt stories, the creative arts (particularly visual arts, music and movement), mindfulness (for children and adults), nature pedagogy, outdoor learning environments, developing curriculums through meaningful documentation, and loose-parts play. She is also passionate about teaching and educating young children, mentoring teachers and educators in early childhood pedagogy and practice, as well as advocating for children’s rights as citizens of the world.

Victoria’s strength in pedagogy and supporting teachers and educators over the past 16 years has led her to her current role as Content Coordinator for the ECA Learning Hub. In this role, she designs and delivers professional learning for early childhood professionals across Australia.

Learning outcome

In this module, you will:

  • explore why outdoor learning matters
  • learn how to create rich outdoor learning spaces
  • investigate ways to overcome barriers to outdoor learning
  • examine the value of intentional teaching in the outdoor environment and how this can
  • enhance a child’s need for physical activity
  • discover how to help children manage healthy risks and challenges outdoors.

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Course Duration

2 hours, 10 minutes