Maths is everywhere

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In this module, we explore how educators can support children’s maths and numeracy learning in day-to-day practice, play and outdoor programs. We look at intentional teaching and child-led learning, and highlight the importance of educators modelling how to think and talk mathematically.

This module aims to strengthen educators understanding about how mathematical concepts and ideas can be woven into all parts of the educational program.

This course is suitable for educators have a foundational understanding of the nationally approved learning frameworks.  Educators should have a robust understanding of contemporary teaching approaches such as play based learning, the role of the environment and intentional teaching before embarking on this course.

In this course, you will,

  • learn how to use maths and numeracy concepts in day-to-day practice with children
  • plan for mathematical learning
  • understand the role of children in planning the educational program
  • unpack how play based learning and intentional teaching practices can be adopted to support children’s mathematical understandings
  • hear from educators in early childhood and school settings about how they incorporate maths in their services learning environments.

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Jenni Connor is a consultant who’s experience spans from early childhood teacher, primary principal, curriculum manager and writer.  She now undertakes research, writing and lecturing in early childhood education, literacy learning and curriculum.  She co-write and edited the e-newsletters for Early Childhood Australia under the National Quality Standard project and co-compiled film illustrations for the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) in relation to the National Professional Teaching Standards. She was involved in the development of the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum: English.

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