Environments for learning – indoor learning spaces

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This course looks at the role of the physical environment in children’s learning and the importance of setting up a well-organised indoor space. It will help you create a variety of rich play and learning spaces through effective organisation, showing that you don’t need to be a ‘designer’ to arrange a successful learning environment. The course includes written information and video interviews with educators that will help you assess your current indoor learning spaces.

This course will provide you a better understanding of:

  • the role of the environment in children’s learning
  • how indoor learning environments can guide children’s behaviour and promote constructive learning
  • the arrangement of space and the physical definition of learning spaces
  • character and personality within learning environments―to ensure that the spaces you create remain ‘living’ spaces.

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Dr Luke Touhill has worked in the early childhood education and care sector for more than 20 years as a teacher, director, manager, trainer and lecturer. He earned a PhD from Macquarie University through research that investigated the design of children’s services in Australia. He strongly believes that an organised and well-resourced physical environment influences the quality of education and care practices.

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