Routines & transitions: Embracing opportunities for learning

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Everyday routines and transitions play a significant role within the lives of children and the adults who work with and care for them. Routines are a part of our daily lives and they support us to live successfully within the communities to which we belong.

As you engage with the ideas in the module you will be encouraged to consider routines and transitions and how they are – or can be – experienced, enhanced and used in your own context.

After completing this module, you will be equipped to start thinking about routines and transitions as:

  • a significant part of each day
  • valuable building blocks for establishing and supporting relationships
  • times that support play and engagement
  • important in developing a strong sense of wellbeing, and
  • rich in opportunities for both teaching and learning.

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Karen Winderlich is a teacher who has worked in various contexts and with learners of all ages, from babies through to adults. For the last 12 years, she has worked with children and families in long day care centres, and with babies and young toddlers for most of that time.

She believes that young children are the most wonderful and inspirational learners of all, with an inbuilt passion and drive to actively explore and make sense of the world around them. As a teacher working with the youngest learners, Karen understands her role to include building value into every moment of every day, creating play spaces which speak of love and care, and being a learner alongside them as they play. She is particularly interested in the ways documenting young children’s learning and experience makes their competence visible.

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