Understand the role: Nominated supervisor and person in day-to-day charge in education and care

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This module is designed to unpack what it means to be a nominated supervisor or a person in day-to-day charge of an early childhood education and care service. Participants will be assisted in understanding the role’s key responsibilities and how the legislation is constructed to give effect to this role. They will also be taken through the key legislative requirements and how these look like in practice, including what they should expect of approved providers (employers).

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Vanessa Gale has over 20 years’ experience in the early childhood sector. She has held several key roles, including educator, senior policy officer and manager of the investigations team for a regulatory authority.

As senior policy officer, Vanessa represented the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in the development and implementation of early childhood reforms such as the National Quality Framework and its subsequent reviews. As Manager of the ACT Regulatory Authority Investigations Team, she developed an expert understanding and application of all legislative aspects of the National Quality Framework.

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