eSafety Early Years: We MAKE and DO with technology


Fostering creativity is an essential component of early childhood education. This  module explores the ways children can create in digital contexts. You will   explore practical examples of the types of creative experiences educators set up, for children to learn with and about digital technologies. You will learn how to set up technology with online safety in mind and how to teach simple habits to make digital contexts safe.

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Module outcomes

This module will enable you to:

  • describe MAKE and DO experiences
  • use the available technology to set up devices for online safety (Be safe)
  • help children learn about privacy rights by teaching them to seek consent before taking and sharing photos (Be kind)
  • teach children what to do when something unexpected happens when they are playing online (Ask for help)
  • support children’s critical-thinking skills by encouraging them to talk about technology they like to play with, and why they like it (Make good choices).

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Course Duration

1 hour

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