eSafety Early Years: Creating a safe online environment


This module is specifically for Directors and Managers of early learning services throughout Australia. It is designed to enable a review of a service’s online safety processes and practices. You will learn how to ensure online safety is considered in the same way as other safety practices at your service.

On completing the module, participants will have a collated list of all their answers. This list can be used as a guide to improve online safety practices, and as evidence for the service’s Quality Improvement Plan.

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Module outcomes

This module will enable you to:

  • define the acceptable use of technology at your service, and ensure that it is written in your policies
  • embed online safety principles in your educational program and practice
  • review your service’s infrastructure and technology, checking for appropriate filtering, monitoring and compliance with data protection laws
  • review your educators’ knowledge of online safety practices, and support their continual professional learning in this area
  • review how your service provides regular, quality online safety information to families.

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Course Duration

2 hours

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