Fostering trusting relationships to support children with anxiety


In the early years of life, many children experience anxiety. There are different reasons as to why this may occur. This course aims to offer early childhood educators an opportunity to examine some of the ways children experience anxiety within an early childhood education and care context.

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This course will explore how educators can use their professional knowledge to implement strategies, including:

  • advocating for the equal rights of all children
  • adopting an inclusive framework
  • developing skills to embed inclusive practice
  • collaboration
  • cultivating an environment that fosters peer-to-peer relationships
  • building strong partnerships with families
  • working closely with inclusion professionals
  • establishing environments to ensure every child can access and participate in programs that foster learning and development.

This course offers educators the opportunity to develop a better understanding of some of the reasons why anxiety occurs in children and places educators in a position to respond with empathy, develop warm and trusting relationships and offer children the support they need to build their own relationships.

This course is suitable for all educators working towards a formal qualification and seeking to learn more about the impact anxiety can have on young children. It aims to offer practical strategies to educators who want to support children who may be experiencing anxiety.

Learning outcomes

In this course, you will:

  1. develop an understanding of why children experience anxiety
  2. understand some of the barriers that exist for children who may be experiencing anxiety
  3. develop awareness of your role in supporting children with anxiety
  4. learn how to create environments that offer predictability and security.

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Course Duration

45 minutes