Beyond the rainbow: Making a difference for all families


In this course, you will learn about the diversity of families, LGBTQ+ parented families specifically and how diversity is a positive part of Australian society. You will learn how to create learning opportunities for 0-8 year olds that enable children to explore family diversity in an education and care setting.

Duration: 60 minutes

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Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will:

  • have increased awareness that all families are different and all families need to be supported
  • have increased awareness of factors that contribute to discrimination and disadvantage of children and families
  • have the ability to develop, create and sustain environments that are inclusive to all families
  • learn how to create learning opportunities for children to learn about family diversity

About the author:

Scott Brunelle
Scott Brunelle is the founding board Co-Chair of Rainbow Families. Rainbow Families works to reduce discrimination and disadvantage faced by children of LGBTQ+ parents so they can thrive and shine. Scott’s interest in Family Diversity education began in 2011 as the coordinator of Gay Dads NSW. Having experienced first-hand how a lack of focus on this crucial aspect of inclusion disadvantaged children and families, Scott established stakeholder relationships and contributed to the development of resources with Early Childhood Australia that enable all early childhood educators to feel confident in creating learning experiences on family diversity.

Formerly a private sector marketing and business development leader for 20 years both in the USA and Australia, Scott transitioned into the early childhood education sector in 2021. In addition to being a qualified educator, Scott has a Graduate Certificate in Marketing and a Master of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of Sydney. Scott and his spouse are proud parents of one son, who was born with the help of a surrogate, and two daughters, who they co-parent with a lesbian couple.

Marly Greenwood
Marly is an early childhood professional who has worked in an array of roles in the sector for almost 40 years. Marly is a volunteer with and a proud member of Rainbow Families NSW. For many years Marly has been an advocate for LGBTIQ+ parented families. She has witnessed change for LGBTIQ+ parented families in early education but knows there continues to be the need for education and advocacy for continued positive change. Marly remains committed to discovering the wonderful diversity within LGBTIQ+ parented families and the ways in which educators can help reduce disadvantage and discrimination for these families.

Additional information

Course Duration

60 minutes

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