Working in partnership with families facing adversity


By Nick Hopwood

When families with young children are affected by adversity, early childhood professionals can be in a unique position to help them reduce the effects that difficult circumstances may have on children. How educators engage with families in these contexts matters greatly.



This book explains how:

  • educators and parents can recognise and work with differences, especially those related to knowledge and expertise
  • partnership can be understood and implemented as a mind-expanding process through which educators and parents can co-create new meanings, understanding and possibilities for action.

The book presents practical strategies—drawn from a study conducted in Australian settings—that can help educators work respectfully, jointly and effectively with parents affected by adversity. Through case studies and real-life examples, it also brings to life the key concepts of ‘making noticing count’ and working with ‘what matters’.

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About the author

Nick Hopwood is an educational researcher. He has spent a decade conducting studies with families, health professional and early childhood educators. He is interested in finding out how professionals work effectively and respectfully with families facing circumstances that put children’s wellbeing, leaning and development at risk.

Nick is an associate professor in the School of International Studies and Education at the University of Technology Sydney and Extraordinary Professor at the University of Stellenbosch, Department of Curriculum studies. He is the author of the creating better futures website which is based on a study funded by the Australian Research Council (De150100365). Nick is also a part of the team that produced—a resource to help parents and professionals caring for children with complex feeding difficulties.

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