Trauma-aware early childhood education and care

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By Judith Howard

Complex trauma can have a worrying impact on young children and affect their ability to learn, build healthy relationships and manage their emotions and behaviours. If the effects of trauma are not identified and addressed, it can worsen educational and life outcomes for vulnerable young children. Through informed and purposeful practice, early childhood professionals can help repair the harm caused by early childhood trauma and help prevent intergenerational transmission of complex trauma.



This Research in Practice Series title provides strategies to help early childhood professionals address the harm caused by early trauma. The book explains how to use purposeful trauma-aware practice and incorporate it into the policies and processes of early learning settings. It also examines:

  • the extent of complex childhood trauma in Australia
  • the effects of complex trauma
  • intergenerational transmission of complex trauma
  • the importance of maintaining the wellbeing of educators.

The more we understand the impact of complex trauma on early brain development, the more we will be able to recognise the value of early intervention.

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