Young Children and the Environment: Early Education for Sustainability (2nd edn)


By Julie M Davis

This second edition of Young children and the environment is a practical resource that illustrates the difference that early childhood educators can make by working with children, their families and the wider community to tackle the contemporary issue of sustainable living.

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This second edition has been substantially revised and updated, with a new section exploring sustainability education in a variety of global contexts. Researched and written by authors recognised as leaders in their own countries, this section provides readers with international resources and perspectives to further their teaching about early childhood education for sustainability. The text engages with new curriculum initiatives that have placed greater emphasis on educating for sustainability, and equips educators with the knowledge to teach this revised content. It remains accessibly written with ample case studies, vignettes and ‘Provocations’ to engage readers and provide insights into how early childhood education for sustainability can occur successfully in practice.

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