What Does It Mean to Be Four?: A practical guide to child development in the early years

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Key in to relevant, comprehensive information for the development needs and skills of particular age groups in the early years. This series offers ideas and guidance on supporting children in their learning, drawing on a myriad of real-life examples to keep the focus practical and meaningful. It also provides scope for further professional development through issues for reflection and tips on further resources.

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Given that children in their early years learn in a wide range of settings, it can be difficult to find resources to support their learning in your particular context. This What Does It Mean to Be …? series is relevant to any early childhood educator because its starting points are the principles of child development and a recognition that catering to the child?s uniqueness requires a broader focus than their role in any one setting. Each book provides practical information about the development needs or a particular age group, along with examples based on real children in real places and ideas on how educators can support learning and develop their own good practice. In combination, all these elements offer key information you need to see the children in your care thrive.

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