How children learn Bk2: Theories on children’s literacy, intelligence and linguistics


By Linda Pound

(Revised issue)

The How Children Learn series provides a comprehensive yet accessible account of the educational theorising that has shaped and is continuing to shape teaching and learning in the early years. It explores educational thinking from ancient times to the present day, breaks complex ideas down into understandable ones, helps educators relate theory to their experience of children, makes clear how each theory translates into practice and offers guidance on working with and including children with additional special educational needs.

Book 2 looks at fundamental questions driving educational theorising, such as: How do children learn to read, write and speak? What is the nature of intelligence? Can creativity be taught?

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How children learn series:

How children learn Bk1: Educational theories and approaches – from Comenius, the father of modern education, to giants such as Piaget, Vygotsky and Malaguzzi
How children learn Bk2: Theories on children’s literacy, intelligence and linguistics
How children learn Bk3: Contemporary theorists and thinkers on early year’s education
How children learn Bk4: Thinking on special educational needs and inclusion: Theory and contemporary practice


Linda Pound is an experienced educator and author who has worked in all sectors of education, including tertiary, but whose passion is work with young children and their families. She has been head of a nursery school and deputy head of a primary school, and has also run both foundation and honours degree programmes on early childhood studies.

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