Sorry Sorry


By Anne Kerr

For a long time there was no children’s picture book to explain what lies behind the apology by Australia’s Prime Minister to the Stolen Generations (13 February 2009). Sorry Sorry by educator Anne Kerr is an attempt to fill this need in a way that is meaningful and manageable for very young children.

Using a picture book format, illustrations and dialogue, the book looks at a painful and complex part of Australia’s history. The author’s aim was to trigger necessary conversations and address the silence that many Australians experienced in their own education. While ECA considers the book a starting point for educator self-reflection using the questions, ideas and resources provided at the end of the book, we do not recommend it for reading to young children.

The book has been welcomed by some educators and criticised by others and it remains controversial for, among other things, the language used to depict first contact. You can learn more about the diverging views and ECA’s position here. ECA recommends Sorry Sorry as a first step for educators wishing to inform themselves about first contact, Australia’s history and reconciliation but not as a picture book to read with young children.

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