Leading and managing early childhood settings


By Nadine Louise McCrea

Leading and managing early childhood settings: Inspiring people, places and practices examines what it means to be a leader, manager and administrator across the early childhood education field.

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Leading and managing early childhood settings is an invaluable resource for pre- and in-service educators alike.

  • Utilises a storytelling approach to guide readers through the chapters
  • Provides students with an understanding of global sustainability issues that drive early childhood education for sustainability and its application
  • Links theory with real-world examples of leading and managing by using case-studies and autobiographical examples

The first section of the book introduces readers to core concepts, including self-understanding through professional reflection and consideration of people’s beliefs and values. These chapters explore the challenges of working within various early childhood settings and the importance of connecting and communicating with families and the broader community. The second section considers four key roles that early childhood professionals undertake – team stakeholder, policy designer, pedagogy creator and rights advocate. This book challenges readers to make links across research, theories and everyday practices by thinking, reflecting, sharing with others and writing stories. The storytelling approach guides readers through the chapters and explores the themes of embodiment and sustainability.

Table of contents:

Part I. Thinking about People and Places:

  • Understanding self
  • Exploring communication
  • Contemplating workplaces

Part II. Thinking about Practices as Roles:

  • A professional role – a team stakeholder
  • A professional role – a policy designer
  • A professional role – a pedagogy creator
  • A professional role – a rights advocate.

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