Voices and visions: Aboriginal early childhood education in Australia

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By Karen Martin

Just as our visions will be the present of some young Aboriginal children who are not yet born, these will be made real through our voices and actions right now. The question begs to be asked: ‘What kind of people do we want those children of the future to remember us as being?’

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This book reflects the stories of practitioners in Aboriginal early childhood education in Australia. It is not just their stories, but a text for how Aboriginal worldviews and frameworks are incorporated in what they do. As Aboriginal people we have always had to conform to a Western schooling system, one which does not fully appreciate our knowledges. In what you are about to read there is an implied but silent script in that, ‘you listen now and let us tell you’.

From the Foreword by Jackie Huggins, Inaugural Co-Chair: Aboriginal Congress

I really liked all of the stories and all the voices and how the narratives wove around key learnings, highlighting the important events from the author’s points of view, how these were experienced and other things that the writer wants the reader to know: the successes, the challenges; stories of family, of country and so much more. But they are also all essentially stories about early childhood education and what it means to be a good Aboriginal educator … I have never met any of the authors personally but feel I know them after reading the stories.

Professor Maggie Walter, Pro Vice-Chancellor Aboriginal Research and Leadership, University of Tasmania

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