Children, Families and Communities (5th ed)


By Rebekah Grace, Kerry Hodge and Catherine McMahon (EDS.)

The child development field is changing all the time, and with each edition this book has endeavoured to reflect contemporary thinking, current theory and research, as well as the most topical issues. The editors also flag the issues that they see as important to moving the field forward, such as the importance of child voice and participation in decision making relating to research, policy and practice.

This fifth edition is focused on child development within the Australian context and the factors that influence children’s development. These include the effects of disability, ethnicity, family, school, neighbourhood (including rural, urban and remote communities) and state interventions and policies. The structure continues to reflect the contextual layers described in Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model. All of the individual chapters have been reconceptualised and rewritten to reflect current research evidence and theory development.

The book benefits from the contributions of experts with child development backgrounds alongside those who think about childhood within the disciplinary frames of sociology, history, social work, education, health, and law. The authors bring exceptional academic, policy, and practical experience.

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Learning Features

  • Chapter openings include chapter summary statements and information about chapter structure to help students to focus on the key elements of each chapter.
  • Case study examples help students link theory to practice.
  • End of chapter exercises enable students to test their understanding of each chapter.
New to this edition
  • New Improved references. Referencing style moved to standard APA referencing and includes end of chapter references and short annotated key reference list making it much easier for students to navigate references.
  • More examples from upper primary and secondary to give pre-service teachers a wider range of examples.
  • New Editor – Catherine McMahon adds her expertise in child development/psychology to the team.
  • Content on child development and parent-child relationships expanded in a significantly revised Chapter 6  Family as the Primary Context of Children’s Development
  • Expanded Chapter 13 – Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children and Families: The Legacy of Strong State Intervention provides a broader discussion of issues for Australia’s Indigenous children and families

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