The Relationship Worlds of Infants and Toddlers


By Sheila Degotardi and Emma Pearson

The Relationship Worlds of Infants and Toddlers explores the concept of relationships as a core element of early childhood education and care. Taking as its starting point that children from birth to three learn and develop in a network of relationships, it examines what these relationships look and feel like, how they can be fostered and why they are important for children, educators and families who are involved in early years settings.

In particular, it examines:

  • Which kinds of relationships are important in early education and care settings?
  • How can we understand the characteristics and meaning of these relationships for individuals and groups?
  • How can we use our understandings to build relationships in early childhood programmes that benefit children, families and educators?

The authors approach the topic of relationships in infant-toddler early childhood and care settings from a range of different perspectives. Drawing on real-world examples from their own research, they show how – by understanding the diverse features and functions of the many relationships at play in infant-toddler early childhood programmes – it is possible to create opportunities to strengthen these relationships and enhance the learning opportunities that these relationships provide.

Compelling reading for both early years students and professionals this book provides a valuable resource with which to approach the diversity and dynamics of infant and toddler relationships.

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