Benny Bungarra’s Big Bush Clean-Up


By Sally Morgan
Illustrated by Ambelin Kwaymullina

Benny Bungarra comes to the rescue when Olive Python’s head is stuck in a plastic bottle, Colin Crow’s beak is entangled in a fishing line, and Kathy Kangaroo’s paw has glass in it!

Benny Bungarra’s Big Bush Clean-Up is an environmental tale for Early Childhood and Lower Primary readers showing how animals are affected by rubbish left in their habitat by humans. Ambelin Kwaymullina’s illustrations are an explosion of colour and cleverly show the perils faced by our native animals.

When the animals work as a team to come up with ways to look after the bush, they decide to ask the humans to REDUCE, RECYCLE and use RUBBISH BINS. But it is Benny Bungarra who has the bright idea of a BIG BUSH CLEAN-UP so the animals can also help look after the bush.

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About the author
Sally Morgan belongs to the Palyku people of the eastern Pilbara region of Western Australia. She is an award-winning writer, artist and playwright. Her autobiography My Place is one of Australia’s most celebrated works. She has published several books including biographies and children’s stories.

About the illustrator
Ambelin Kwaymullina belongs to the Palyku people of the eastern Pilbara region of Western Australia, and is an illustrator, writer and playwright. She writes and illustrates across a range of genres including YA, sci-fi and children’s stories. She is an academic and teaches law at the University of Western Australia.

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Ages 2 to 8.