Fantastic Gymnastics


by Diana Harley and Sue Rama

If you are looking for a great way to get children started on life-long exercise while having fun at the same time, what could be more appealing than gymnastics?

While performing gymnastics, children develop so much: balance, control, co-ordination, discipline, strength, flexibility and social skills. Physical exercise in this fun environment, along with a growing sense of competence and confidence, greatly bolsters a child’s overall development.

These skills promote brain development while providing the foundation for a lifetime of healthy physical activity.


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About the Author:

Diana is a chocoholic and wedgetail eagle lover. She spends a lot of time cloud-watching and looking after her family. She refuses to use her dishwasher and nuts out many of her ABC Open Stories and other stories and poems whilst up to her elbows in suds at her kitchen sink. She has written stories, plays and poems and regards herself as a conversational poet.

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Diana Harley

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