Learning through touch


by Mike McLinden, Steve McCall and Liz Hodges

This fully revised and updated second edition of Learning through Touch is essential reading for practitioners who support learners with multiple disabilities and vision impairment. These learners will rely on support from their learning partners throughout their education to mediate their learning experiences. The text explores the key role that touch plays in the education of these learners and provides practical advice about how to develop the skills through touch that they will need to become ‘active agents’ in their own development. The book reflects international initiatives that seek to ensure that people with disabilities have opportunities to take meaningful control within their learning and their lives.

Key features include:

    • Chapters that support curriculum access for learners with visual impairments;
    • Reflections on up-to-date research studies and guidance for further reading throughout, allowing for a strong conceptual foundation for practice;
    • Portfolio activities designed to help implement effective learning opportunities within your own practice.

Written to assist teachers and other professionals who support children with visual impairment and additional difficulties, this text will appeal to professionals and students alike. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore the role of touch in creating effective learning experiences.

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