Raymond the Raccoon Misses His Friends


by Jesse Hewitt and Julian Steincke

Raymond the Raccoon can’t find his friends! He fears the worst, but soon finds them each alone in the forest engrossed in a screen. Lonely and bored, Raymond finds his own fun, and manages to win back his friends. Through following Raymond’s journey, this resource can help children understand the need for balance between screens and connecting with others.

Includes Parent and Teacher Notes, which outlines how to best use the book as a teaching tool.

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About the Author

Julian Steincke and Jesse Hewitt are two young professionals who have combined their varying skillsets to create educational children’s books focused on health and wellbeing. Our vision is to use our books, which utilise captivating illustrations and engaging narratives, as a pedagogical vehicle to teach children about essential life concepts.


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Hewitt & Steincke

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