Let Kids be Kids


By Dr Susie O’Neill

What if throwing away the bubble wrap attitude actually made your child safer?

Let Kids Be Kids provides tips on tangible things parents and caregivers can do to give children a voice and agency in their own learning.  This book supports their development during these critical early years to build self-worth, wellbeing, respectful relationships, values, and behaviours that allow them to become responsible risk takers and contributors to our society.

Written by a mum, grandmother and teacher with 40 years of experience and a devotion to ‘at-risk’ children. Let Kids Be Kids recognises that children are curious and amazing human beings while reminding us that they have not experienced the world for as long as we have. We know that when children are given the right learning opportunities and experiences, they can build skills to equip themselves with capabilities they need to become competent risk-takers and manage their safety in everyday life and activities. This book supports the important development of children focusing on the first five years of a child’s life to create a sense of deeper self-awareness and greater well-being. Combining her personal experience with her professional expertise, Susie O’Neill has created a powerful comprehensive resource for readers that offers simple and easily applied tools. Let Kids Be Kids will support parents of children as well as professionals working in the field. 

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