Grandparenting Grandchildren


By Dr Jane WIlliams & Dr Tessa Grigg

With people staying healthier for longer, grandparents are increasingly involved in raising their grandchildren. Grandparenting Grandchildren is the first guide of its kind written specifically for grandparents, and aims to help you raise well-rounded, ready-to-learn, happy grandchildren, even if you only look after them for a few hours a week.

By explaining the latest neuro-developmental and neuro-educational research in accessible, applicable ways, it will reaffirm what you instinctively know, while providing new tools to build your grandchild’s imagination, creativity and curiosity.

Combining the authors’ practical experience as childhood development professionals with international research, this book helps grandparents understand the key influences on healthy development in the first 5 years: movement, music, sleep and food. Grandparenting Grandchildren gives practical advice on how to integrate these ‘super brain foods’ best in your grandchild’s life. This has been proven to have many positive benefits, including improving the ability to think creatively, building speech and language skills, promoting social skills, and driving curiosity.

Learn to build a loving, supportive relationship that helps grandchildren feel positive about their future, while constructing essential life skills that ensure they are well-rounded, happy and capable, confident learners.

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