Awesome Emu


By Gregg Dreise

Way Back, before Once-upon-a-time time,
There was the Dreamtime and during this period lived a very confident emu called Dinewah.
He was tall, fast and colourful.
Most animals thought he was a show-off, but he was too busy talking about himself to take any notice…

Would you like to know what happened to Dinewah, the awesome emu?

A charming morality tale that reminds us to be humble about our successes.

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This story is our Family Totem – Our Family Dreaming- a connection to Country and its animals – especially the Dinewah/Emu. Talent has run though out people since time began, but we always reflect on our Song lines and out Dreaming to remain humble about our strengths an encourage others to work on their weaknesses.

This story is based on the wise words of my Elders. Constant admiration and respect goes out to my ancestors who had to not only fight for their lives and their children, but their culture. I am so appreciative for all of their struggles that allow us to continue to promote Aboriginal Culture in a positive way today and into the future.

About the Author
Gregg Dreise is a gifted artist, storyteller and musician, and he is features the didgeridoo and guitar in his high energy performances. He uses music and laughter to take audiences on a storytelling journey – that maybe – just maybe – might sneak in a lesson or two. As a descendant of the Kamilaroi and Euahlayi people of south-west Queensland and north-west New South Wales his storytelling addresses respect, culture and unity. Gregg is continuing to enjoy his journey around our beautiful country sharing and learning stories from our diverse and spectacular country

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