Project Monarch


By Ashley Gregory & Kerry Moosha

-A Reggio Emilia inspired Early Childhood Inquiry and Collaborative Art Project-
Incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)
Documenting the Lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly

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Through beautiful photos, child voice and visually rich documentation, this book tracks the creative pursuits of a group of preschool children and their developing knowledge of the monarch butterfly lifecycle. It follows the progression of a stunning wall mural created by the children, families and staff over the course of several months. The wall mural represents all that the children witnessed as the monarch lifecycle evolved before their eyes. the book presents a multi-disciplinary approach to learning with links to science, technology, engineering arts and math (STEM) embedded throughout.

A visual recount of young Aboriginal children’s learning through a Reggio Emilia inspired early childhood inquiry following the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly lifecycle. The book follows the creative progression of a collaborative wall mural created by a cohort of young children from a Port Augusta preschool in South Australia’s far North. The book features visually rich documentation of the children’s learning

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Flinders Children's Centre & Tji Tji Wiltja Preschool, 2021