You Can Do Hard Things

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This book is for any child who needs a reminder that hard things won’t be hard forever.

From the award-winning author of Love Your Body and Be Your Own Man comes Life Lessons for Little Ones: a new series that contains life’s most important lessons, such as embracing vulnerability, listening to your body and embracing your uniqueness – teachings that every child (and their grown-up!) deserves to hear.

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About the Author

Jess Sanders is a social worker and bestselling, award-winning author of books including Love Your Body, Be Your Own Man and the Life Lessons for Little Ones series. Jess has a passion for creating resources that nurture positive mental health and promote gender equality. Every project she pursues is born from the question, ‘Why does it have to be this way?’. Jess is regularly invited to speak on radio and at events about her work and her books.

About the Illustrator

Martina is an illustrator, designer and storyteller living in Linz, Austria. Before making her childhood dream of a career in illustration come true, she studied Journalism and Languages in Mozart’s Hometown Salzburg and worked as an editor for radio, a designer and a screenwriter. Martina mainly works digitally but she loves adding a special touch by using hand drawn textures and elements.

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