Supporting bilingualism during early childhood

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The webinar Supporting bilingualism during early childhood explores the topic of childhood bilingualism and how Early Childhood Educators can support bilingual children to develop their language and communication skills during the early years. This webinar also looks at supporting the bilingual educator, as well as sharing language and culture with young children and their families.

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Australia’s population is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse in the world, which presents a range of challenges and opportunities for early childhood educators who care for diverse groups of young children and their families. An increasing number of children are growing up in homes where more than one language is spoken. These children may also transition into early childhood education and care services where many languages may be present.

This webinar aims to increase participants’

  • Understanding of the different terms and types of bilingualism during childhood
  • Knowledge of various factors (individual, sociocultural and environmental) that influence language development among children learning more than one language during the early years
  • Awareness of the benefits and advantages of bilingualism for children and their families
  • Ability to identify and promote factors which support bilingualism during early childhood.

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