Let’s talk: Creating a culture of learning – places of teaching and learning for everyone

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What is a learning culture? How do educators create a strong learning culture that sustains, includes and respects everyone in the early learning community—children, families, educators and other staff?

In this course, presenters Anne Stonehouse AM and Michelle Gujer discuss ways to create a service that is full of liveliness, creativity and energy and where  everyone’s unique strengths and potential are harnessed. They also explain how educators can create a thriving culture of learning, to support good practice and provide best outcomes for children.

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Anne Stonehouse AM is an early childhood consultant, writer, academic and facilitator of professional learning for early childhood professionals. She has published many books, articles and other resources for educators and parents. Anne’s main professional interests include the nature of good quality curriculum for infants and toddlers, and family–educator relationships in early learning settings.

Anne initiated and chaired the national working party that developed the original Code of Ethics. Anne was also a member of the writing team within the consortium that developed the national Early Years Learning Framework.

Michelle Gujer is Manager of the Children’s Program at Gowrie Victoria, Broadmeadows Valley.

Learning outcomes

This course will help you:

  • understand what a culture of learning looks like for children, educators, families and other staff in your early childhood education and care setting
  • implement practical ideas for creating and sustaining a culture of learning
  • understand the link between culture and leadership
  • foster leadership to motivate and inspire a culture of learning.

Please allow time to view this session in one sitting as your progress through the webinar cannot be saved.

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1 hour, 45 minutes

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