Emotion Coaching: A transformational tool


This webcast discusses effective ways of guiding children with big feelings and behaviours. It explores the five steps of emotion coaching—emotional awareness, connecting, listening, naming emotions and finding good solutions—and explains how these can be used by early childhood professionals to build trusting and respectful relationships with children.

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This highly practical webinar by psychologist Beth Macgregor examines, through case studies and videos, how the five steps to emotion coaching can provide teachable moments during times of distress and assist children to further develop their own agency and understanding of emotions and feelings.

Learning outcomes

This course will help you:

  • understand the steps and approaches to emotion coaching
  • draw on and use emotion coaching techniques in various situations
  • assist children in identifying and naming their emotions
  • support children’s self-regulation skills so they can solve problems and find good solutions
  • turn moments of negative behaviour into teaching opportunities.

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Course Duration

2 hours