Wellbeing matters: Let your wellbeing thrive!

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Part two of a set of interactive webcasts, this webcast will get you thinking about ‘listening to hear’ vs ‘listening to respond’, being present during conversations with others while building a greater sense of wellbeing for yourself, your team and the children.

The Wellbeing matters package will encourage service leaders to reflect on how we make connections with others that adds ‘wellbeing value’ for all involved.

Across two webcasts you’ll be introduced to ways to embody the concept of personal wellbeing and how you can establish a culture of wellbeing in your service, for yourself and your team.  Rod Soper examines how to maintain a renewable wellbeing source, support the wellbeing of others, and use wellbeing practices as a tool to overcome challenges.

Webcasts can be purchased separately—Wellbeing matters part one focuses on your own wellbeing, and Wellbeing matters part two focuses on wellbeing with teams. Both webinars complement each other and learners will get best value out of the set.

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Rod Soper is the Director of Education for Thinkers.inq and has more than twenty years in the fields of education and leadership design.

Rod’s expertise in the fields of education and leadership includes research into ontological and interpersonal development, critical thinking, pedagogy and transformational learning environments, educational change and leadership. He has led numerous research projects and published papers and book chapters within the field of education, teaching practice, learning design, leadership and organisational change.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course educators will:

  • Have learnt ways to embody the concept of wellbeing
  • Understand the importance of connection and maintaining a renewable wellbeing source

Click below to watch the trailer for this course:
*This trailer was filmed at a time when ‘Wellbeing Matters’ was a 2-part series. This has now been updated into two distinct but complementary courses. As such, some of the language used in the trailer may refer to 2-parts.*

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Course Duration

1 hour, 30 minutes