Professionalism and identity in early childhood education and care: Who we are and what we do

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The learner will explore the idea of professional identity in two ways— who you are and what you do. You will ponder notions of professionalism and your identity in early childhood education and care in relation to children, families, colleagues and the community. In addition to reflecting on identity, the learner will be asked to consider links between professional identity and the implications of professional ethics on your practice.

Please note: Participants will have opportunities to take part in robust conversations with colleagues  and reflect on the term professionalism. It is therefore helpful to work alongside a peer or mentor to fully engage in the intended learning of this webinar

Learning Objectives: 

  • Professional collaboration and conduct
  • Being an advocate for the sector – how to advocate for families, children and the sector?
  • Being respectful and developing team collegiality through reflection.

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Catharine Hydon has extensive experience in the early childhood sector in Australia and overseas.  Beginning as a teacher in a sessional kindergarten program, Catharine has gone on to manage a range of services for children and their families.

Catharine has a Masters in Early Childhood Education specialising in early childhood practice, policy and governance, the delivery of integrated services and the exploration of innovative programs to engage vulnerable children and their families


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