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When we take care of ourselves, we enhance our capacity to be professional and to support children’s growth, learning and wellbeing. What advice would you share with your peers on ‘wellbeing’—if you were reflecting on your experience as an educator? Click here to join the conversation.

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What ‘wellbeing’ advice would you share with your peers, if you were to reflect on your experiences as an educator?

2 thoughts on “Resources to support wellbeing

  1. After teaching for more than 40 years in the Primary and Secondary areas I believe that children are very good and interested in at least one thing. I have found the same with my five grand children.
    The key is to find what that is and then apply those interests and strengths to other areas.

  2. The importance of embarking on your own healing journey and doing your own inner work to address and heal your inner child so that when you show up as an adult working with children, you care for and respond to them in a way that is authentic and from a place of deep connection as opposed to playing out learned behaviours and patterns from your own triggers and unmet needs.

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